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South Florida Roads Taken Over by Dirt Bikes and ATVs

By: Lisa Vari, the Biker Chick Lawyer

On Monday, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, a group of riders, many who were visiting South Florida for the International Motorcycle Show, riding dirt bikes and ATVs took over roads in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. For some, the reason behind the ride was to honor MLK, but for many others it was less about the spirit of the day and was done primarily to show off their skills.

Video footage showed some of the riders popping wheelies, weaving through traffic and waving at cameras as they criss-crossed around two counties during rush-hour. The spectacle held up an already backed up traffic flow as commuters were heading back home.

Witnesses to the riders were all shocked at what they saw. Many stated that it caught them off guard. Florida Highway Patrol, however, reported that besides slowing down traffic the riders did not cause any damage. There was only one small crash, but no injuries as a result of the ride.

Reasons for the convergence differed. Some riders and bike enthusiasts said the gathering in South Florida had been planned for months via hashtags on social media to support Miami's growing bike culture.

Others said it was to honor and respect MLK day. Many stated that it was organized to show solidarity and that they were riding in a spirit of nonviolence and community.

"These bikes bring a bond," said Milo Alexander of Atlanta, according to the Miami Herald. "It doesn't matter who you are."

Source: http://abcnews.go.com/US/dirt-bikes-atvs-clog-rush-hour-commute-south/story?id=28353108

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