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Wills, POAs & Advance Medical Directives

For those of us that love to ride, and our bikes are some of our prized possessions, we want to make sure that the loves ones of our choosing are the ones that will get our bikes if something happens to us someday.

If it is your plan to have that special person in your life inherit your top-model Harley, but if you suffer a fatal motorcycle accident and do not have a Pennsylvania Will, for example, you have no say in what happens to your Harley or any of your other possessions. If you are in a serious bike crash and are left in a coma, your family is going to be faced with making the unfortunate decision of whether to continue or suspend life support, unless you sign a Florida Advance Directive, or your state's version of this document, expressing your wishes.

Bad things happen, but there are several things you can do to be ready for them. In the case of a fatal or extremely serious motorcycle accident or any other kind of sudden death, you want to make sure that your family does not have any extra burdens placed upon them. You should make the situation as easy as possible for those you leave behind by preparing a Will and Advance Directive. Even if you are completely healthy and do not foresee being incapacitated anytime soon, but just want someone to have legal authority to act on your behalf, in most states, including Florida and Pennsylvania, this can be done by signing a Power of Attorney.

Pennsylvania and Florida Wills

When you pass away, a Will ensures that your estate is handled in a manner that you choose rather than in a manner the state chooses. For example, when a Florida resident passes away the best way to see to it that his or her wishes are followed when it comes to who gets the Harley and who gets the house on Miami Beach, is through a Florida Will. Without a Florida Will, the state would decide who gets the bike and who gets the property. If you want to make sure that your wishes are followed after you pass away, you should hire a Florida Wills attorney to draft a Florida Will for you.

What is an Advance Directive in PA?

An Advance Directive is a statement about how you want medical decisions made should you not be able to make them yourself. An Advance Directive in Pennsylvania, and many other states, for example, can be put in place if a person is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. If you are in a local Pittsburgh hospital, your Advance Directive will be made available to your doctor and he will be legally obligated to follow your wishes. A Pennsylvania Advance Directive can also be put into writing while an individual is healthy, as part of their estate planning and just as a precaution. If you want to make sure that your family knows what to do in case you end up in a state where you can't verbally express your wishes, consider contacting a Pennsylvania Estate Planning lawyer for assistance in creating an Advance Directive.

For us bikers, this document can actually be very important, as you may want a legal document in place defining what would happen if you get into an accident on your bike to make sure that you get the care that you want.

What is a Power of Attorney in Florida?

A Power of Attorney is a legal document that gives someone the authority to act on another person's behalf. The person granting the authority to have someone act on that person's behalf is known as the principal. The person to whom authority is granted to act on another's behalf is called an agent. Under Florida law, the agent's power to act on the principal's behalf is terminated if the principal dies, revokes the power of attorney, or becomes incapacitated, or if the purpose of the Power of Attorney is completed or its term expires. The best way to make sure that this document is done appropriately is to hire a lawyer experienced in creating a Florida Power of Attorney or Pennsylvania Power of Attorney.

Have an Attorney who Rides Draft These Important
Legal Documents For You!

Just like you need a map or GPS when riding your bike on a long trip, you need to have a plan for your estate in the event of your death so that you can rest assured your assets are being distributed according to your specific wishes.

If you are a biker and need assistance with drafting a Will, an advanced directive, or a Power of Attorney, contact me, Lisa Marie Vari, the Biker Chick Lawyer at 1-844-245-3724 (or via email) for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to address your PA or FL estate planning needs.

We can schedule your appointment in our Miami or Pittsburgh office locations, or also in some cases, in other mutually convenient locations throughout South Florida or Western Pennsylvania.

If you currently reside in another state aside from Florida or PA, contact me and I can put you in contact with an attorney in your area who can assist you with your Will and other important estate planning documents.

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