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Unemployment Compensation

If you're like me, you have two "personas." One is the 9-5 working persona, where you put in your hours at your job or profession, work hard, and do the best that you can each day. The other is your "riding persona" - where you feel free riding your bike on the open roads, and you could ride all day without a care in the world. If you lose one of these personas, do you have to lose the other one? Not necessarily!

If you lose your job, you may wonder: what will happen to your motorcycle and your riding persona? If you lose your job how will you be able to make your monthly bike payments? Without work, how will you be able to pay for the gas you need to take that cross-country bike trip that you've been planning? To answer these questions, you need the assistance of a Pennsylvania unemployment compensation attorney.

Unemployment Compensation Laws in Western Pennsylvania and South Florida

The threat of unemployment is a constant reality in our present economy. For those who find themselves unemployed, unemployment compensation may not be sufficient to cover basic needs. This means that when you're unemployed the first thing that goes is life's pleasures, and for people like you and I, one of these pleasures is your motorcycle.

With only the bare minimum to cover basic costs, you likely won't have money to take your motorcycle out as often as you'd like, and if you are without work for long enough, you may even have to sell your bike in order to cover next month's rent. Don't let this happen to you and consult an unemployment compensation attorney, as there are things that may be done to help you keep your bike.

Florida Unemployment Compensation Attorney

In Florida, any person, who is unemployed or partially unemployed and was employed by a Florida employer for the last 18 months prior to losing his or her job, can file a claim for unemployment compensation. The easiest way to file this application is with the assistance of a Florida unemployment compensation lawyer. Generally, all employees are entitled to unemployment compensation with a few exceptions - all of which your attorney will be familiar with.

The best way to find out if you are eligible for unemployment compensation in Florida and to complete the application correctly is to hire a Florida unemployment compensation attorney for assistance with you with your case.

Unemployment Compensation in Pennsylvania

A Pittsburgh unemployment compensation attorney will be able to help you determine if you are eligible for Unemployment Compensation in PA. Like in Florida, almost all employees are entitled to unemployment compensation, unless you were terminated for "willful misconduct" or you voluntarily quit your job.

As soon as he or she is terminated, a Pennsylvania resident is entitled to apply for unemployment compensation benefits. The application process is not too complicated, but if filed incorrectly it may negatively impact your chances of receiving this compensation. A Pittsburgh unemployment compensation attorney will work with you to answer each question concerning your termination truthfully. Anyone who knowingly makes a false statement to obtain benefits may face criminal and civil penalties, including jail time, which is why having a Pennsylvania unemployment compensation lawyer helping you is in your best interest.

Receive Legal Assistance from our PA & FL Unemployment Compensation Attorneys

Don't let unemployment strip you away from life's pleasures -including your bike!

If you are a biker and have questions about unemployment compensation in Pennsylvania or Florida, contact me, Lisa Marie Vari, the Biker Chick Lawyer at 1-844-245-3724 (or send me an email) for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.

Appointments can be scheduled at our Miami (Dade County) office or our Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) office - or at another mutually agreeable location in some cases.

If you are seeking unemployment compensation in another state, contact me and I will put you in contact with an experienced unemployment compensation in your home state so that you can rest assured that you will have zealous representation throughout this process.

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