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Social Security Disability

For us bikers, riding is a way of life. It becomes part of our identity, and we can't imagine living without those days of riding under the sun. However, for some of us, an accident or physical disability may prevent us from getting back on the bike. The reality is that this unfortunate situation happens to a lot of us, and leaves us wondering what is the next step. Especially if you are in the situation where you can no longer work.

If you have a physical or psychological issue or have been in a motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania or Florida that has resulted in a disability and has left you unable to ride, and unable to work, I can help you get through the long and often unnecessarily complicated process of applying for Social Security disability.

Florida Social Security Disability Lawyers

At the start of the social security application process, a Florida social security disability attorney will be able to tell you if you are entitled to social security disability benefits. The Florida social security disability lawyer will be able to make this determination using the regulations along with your age, education, work experience, and current capacity for work. If the attorney decides you will likely qualify, he or she can help you through the application process. Whether or not the Dade County Social Security Disability Attorney determines that you are eligible for social security disability, you are taking a step in the right direction by determining your eligibility with the assistance of a person knowledgeable about the process before trying to navigate filing on your own.

Pittsburgh Social Security Disability (SSD)

Once it has been decided that you will likely qualify, an experienced Pennsylvania Social Security Disability attorney can help a Pittsburgh resident improve his or her case by handling all paperwork and evidence properly. While it is not required to have representation at a Social Security Disability hearing, your chances of winning may be greatly increased with representation by your side.

The process of applying for and obtaining social security disability benefits is long and can be very complicated, especially for a person recovering for such a serious injury. If you have already completed the application, but have been denied benefits, you will certainly want a qualified Florida or Pennsylvania Social Security attorney to help you with the appeal process. An experienced Pennsylvania social security disability lawyer can help a PA resident get through the step-by-step process of applying for benefits and can help you during the appeals process in the event that the government wrongfully denies you these benefits.

Pittsburgh and Miami Social Security Disability Lawyers

Injured in a bike accident and have a disability? Need help with the complicated SSD application process? Contact me, Lisa Marie Vari, the Biker Chick Lawyer at 1-844-245-3724 (or send me an email) for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION on your Pennsylvania or Florida legal problem. If you want to apply for SSD in another state, contact me and I'll put you in touch with a lawyer in your state who can help you throughout this process.

Appointments are available in our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Miami, Florida offices as well as several meeting locations throughout Western Pennsylvania and South Florida. In some cases, we'll come to you if you can't come to us.

Don't navigate the Social Security Disability process alone - call an attorney who rides to ride along with you through the application (or appeal) process for SSD!

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