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Motorcycle Accidents

Ride safe. We motorcyclists often say "ride safe" to our biker buddies as we depart each other's company. But, suddenly, without warning, you're lying on the pavement and your bike is a hundred feet away and is a tangled mess of fiberglass, metal and chrome. The adrenaline kicks in and you temporarily forget about your own motorcycle injuries to make sure your wife, girlfriend or other motorcycle passenger on back is alright. A few minutes pass and the pain starts kicking in. Someone calls 911, but it seems like an eternity until the ambulance arrives to transport you away. Now comes the emergency room, pain and pills, rehab and bills. Decisions have to be made, but are they the right ones?

Pittsburgh Biker Lawyer

Unlike many other motorcycle accident lawyers, I ride. I understand the emotional, financial and legal issues surrounding a motorcycle accident, and can help you and your family get through this very difficult situation. I've been in the back of the ambulance getting my road rash bandaged up and I was there when my mom got the call that my brother was involved in a serious motorcycle accident that required his leg to be amputated and resulted in months of hospitalization and years of pain. Needless to say, I know what you're going through.

During a time when you should be focused on recovering from your motorcycle crash, the stress of a mailbox full of letters from insurance companies and bills from doctors and hospitals may feel overwhelming to you. Being out of work and having the bills piling up may lead you to make decisions that you may regret later.

Motorcycle Insurance Company Tactics

In the days following your motorcycle accident in Pennsylvania, Florida or otherwise, insurance companies may ring your phone and ask you to give a recorded, verbal statement about your motorcycle crash. Don't do it! As they say in criminal cases, anything you say can be used against you. For this reason, it's always best to speak to your Pennsylvania motorcycle accident attorney or your Florida motorcycle law attorney before you speak with the insurance companies.

Compensation for Your Florida Bike Accident

There are many reasons why you need an experienced South Florida motorcycle accident lawyer to help you in the event you are injured. Most importantly, it is so that you can obtain fair and just financial compensation to pay for your medical bills, future medical care and treatment and to adequately compensation you for your injuries and lost wages. Victims of motorcycles accidents in Florida may not immediately realize the full extent of their injuries or the treatment they will require, so it is important to have a good team of motorcycle accident attorneys on your side.

Getting Your Bike Fixed

For those of us who spent tens of thousands of dollars on our bikes, getting our bike fixed and fixed correctly is another important consideration. Many riders may encounter resistance from the motorcycle insurance company about replacing all of the chrome, accessories, or other extras that were added to their motorcycle. Pennsylvania or Florida Motorcycle insurance companies may want to save money and put after market parts on a wrecked motorcycle. The insurance adjuster may want to fix a cracked tour pack or putty and repaint a dented fender instead of replacing the damaged motorcycle parts with new OEM parts. Having a motorcycle accident lawyer who actually rides and will fight for your bike to be fixed the right way is an important consideration when selecting your motorcycle accident attorney.

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

For those of us who ride, motorcycle accidents are a very serious reality. Although there is nothing like riding your motorcycle through the twisty mountain roads in Pennsylvania or down US 1 through the Florida Keys to Duvall Street in Key West, the risk of injury during one of these rides is very real. Whether your accident is caused by a distracted driver, bad road conditions, or defects in the motorcycle itself from tire blowouts or otherwise, it is important to get legal advice from an experienced motorcycle accident attorney if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident.

Contact the Motorcycle Accident Lawyer who Rides!

If you've been in a motorcycle crash, contact me Lisa Marie Vari, the Biker Chick Lawyer for help. I will help you and your family with any issues you have regarding your motorcycle accident. I will work with you to fight for a fair settlement from the insurance companies or battle them through the legal process.

If your motorcycle accident occurs in Pennsylvania or Florida, I will personally come to meet with you and your family and inform you what needs to be done and how I can help. If I can't meet with you personally, I'll send a member of my experienced team of motorcycle accident lawyers to meet with you. If your accident occurs outside of Florida or Pennsylvania, you can still count on me to help you and your family by referring you to an experienced motorcycle lawyer in the state where your accident occurred.

Call me toll-free at 1-844-BIKER-CHICK (1-844-245-3724), or send me an e-mail for a free evaluation of your claim. There's never a fee for your initial consultation on any motorcycle accident case.

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