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Criminal Defense

After being charged with a crime in Florida or Pennsylvania, you probably have tons of questions. How will this affect your job? How will your family be affected? Will you be able to continue driving and having a Florida or Pennsylvania Driver's License? And for bikers, you immediately wonder if this will affect your ability to have your bike on the open roads.

I understand this confusion and realize that you have unanswered questions. In my almost 20 years of practice, I have had countless instances of clients who were faced with criminal charges and felt the same way that you do. The best thing to do in this situation is to immediately seek the assistance of an experienced Florida or Pennsylvania criminal defense attorney so that your rights, including your ability to ride your motorcycle, are protected.

Pennsylvania Crimes

Whether you are charged with an alcohol-related offense, a drug crime, a theft crime, assault, domestic violence, sexual assault, kidnapping, conspiracy, federal crimes, violent crimes including manslaughter and homicide, juvenile crimes, fake ID, summary offenses, or traffic violations, you must ensure that your rights as the accused are protected. Most importantly, you want a Pittsburgh criminal law attorney who realizes the importance of minimizing the effects that this criminal conviction has on your everyday life in the future.

As an avid biker myself, I realize that being able to ride your bike and maintain your motorcycle license is a very important right in your own life.

You also want a FL or PA criminal defense attorney on your side that fights zealously for your rights in court, including making sure improper evidence is not introduced in Court or during your case, recognizing the importance of minimizing any potential sentence in your case, as well as understands the consequences that a potential criminal conviction on your record may have on your life.

Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer

An experienced Florida criminal law attorney will attempt to have the charges against the accused dropped or reduced. If this is not a possibility, the lawyer may be able to uncover weaknesses in the case by questioning police, involved parties, and any possible witnesses. Further, a Miami criminal defense lawyer would investigate whether all evidence obtained for the case was done so in the proper, legal manner, and if it was not, will fight against that evidence being presented in court. Once trial has begun, the Florida criminal defense lawyer will conduct a comprehensive pre-trial investigation, use experts to enhance your case, and will even be able to negotiate with prosecutors into minimize penalties to you.

Protect Your Rights By Calling a Lawyer Who Rides!

As the accused, you have many rights that must be protected to ensure that you are tried in a fair and equitable manner. These rights should be protected by an experienced criminal defense attorney in Pennsylvania or Florida who has your best interests in mind.

If you are a biker and have a legal problem or are facing criminal charges in Pennsylvania or Florida, contact me, Lisa Marie Vari, the Biker Chick Lawyer at 1-844-245-3724 (or via email) for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. If your problem is in another state, contact me anyway and I'll put you in touch with a lawyer in your state who can help you throughout your criminal case in your home state.

Appointments are available in our Western PA (Pittsburgh) office and our South Florida (Miami) offices as well as at several meeting locations throughout Western Pennsylvania and South Florida. In some cases, we'll come to you if you can't come to us.

Don't "ride alone" during your criminal law case - contact the Biker Chick Lawyer today for legal assistance!

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