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Child Support

You are suffering through the loss of a relationship - whether it was a marriage or not, you are feeling hurt. Not to mention you are told that you have to start making payments to your ex - now you really feel confused. I went through a divorce myself, and I know that this entire process can be frustrating and hurtful. What you have to remember if you are in this position, and especially if you have children, is that you need to continue to support them, or receive support on their behalf to ensure that they are provided for and are being properly cared for. This is what is called "child support."

For the parent ordered to pay child support, failing to pay can result in the revocation of your Pennsylvania driver's license, garnishment of wages, or even imprisonment. For an individual with a child support order from a Pittsburgh court, this means that if you don't pay, you face many consequences, which could mean a suspended license which would stop you from being able to ride. Even if you can afford to make your child support payments in Florida, for example, there are situations in which payments may be so high that you need to cut back on some non-essential expenses and may even force you to sell your beloved bike. An experienced child custody attorney can assist you in receiving or paying a fair amount of child support given your family situation.

How is Child Support Calculated in PA?

Family law courts in Pennsylvania determine the amount of child support a parent must pay using specific Child Support Guidelines, and family law courts in Florida do the same. The process begins by calculating the parents' net monthly incomes. Once the parents' monthly net incomes are calculated, Pennsylvania child support laws and Florida child support laws require the Family Courts in each state to apply the Child Support Guidelines to determine the amount of support payable for the children. The Child Support Guidelines are formulas that consider the income of the parents and the number of children, amongst other factors.

In addition to the Pennsylvania or Florida Support Guideline amount, an order for child support may also require payment of a portion of other costs such as medical coverage for the dependent spouse and/or children, medical expenses not covered by insurance, and day care costs incurred while the custodial parent is working or going to school. Child support may be established below the Guidelines for Florida or Pennsylvania child support if the parents have shared physical custody or the payor has other children to support.

Florida Child Support

If you currently have a Florida child support order or a child support order in Pennsylvania and would like to modify this order, you have to go through another legal proceeding. Child support payments can be modified if the person seeking to modify child support them can show to a judge that there has been a change in their circumstances and that this change impacts their ability to make child support payments. A Florida child support lawyer may be able to help a Miami parent accomplish this goal, and a Pennsylvania child support attorney may be able to do the same for a Pittsburgh parent.

Contact the Pennsylvania & Florida Child Support
Lawyer who Rides!

Have questions about Child Support in PA or FL? Contact me, Lisa Vari, the Biker Chick Lawyer, at 1-844-BIKER-CHICK (1-844-245-3724) or by e-mail to learn how I can help you and make sure your kids are getting what they need. I offer FREE CONSULTATIONS for bikers - so call our office in Pittsburgh or our Miami office today. I have represented over 1,600 family law clients in my almost 20 years of practice with many child support cases in many different family situations.

If you live in Florida or Pennsylvania I will be happy to assist you with your case, but even if you live outside these states, please contact me. I will happily put you in contact with an experienced child support attorney in your home state or local area.

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