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Collection letters in the mailbox, harassing phone calls at dinnertime, overdue mortgage payments, stress over whether to pay the electric bill or the water bill, cheap hamburgers at a fast food joint becoming a regular meal, worrying about your means of transportation, a job loss for your spouse or even a divorce and, for us riders, even more worry that you can't make the payment on your beloved toy - your motorcycle.

If you can relate to the above scenarios, you are clearly going through a very difficult period in your life, and you are not alone. You may have tried to no avail to negotiate with your mortgage company for refinancing at a lower rate or with the credit card companies for a more affordable repayment plan. Now, things are desperate and you're under an enormous amount of stress. Where do you go from here?

You are not alone in this problem. I understand what you're going through and I'm here to help you and your family. I've faced tough financial times when my parents divorced and my mom and I lived in Pittsburgh in the middle of winter with no heat, hot water or operational stove. I worked 2 jobs while attending law school at night and only had 1 box of macaroni and cheese to eat for 3 days until payday rolled around. I went through a separation and later divorce when I had been in business for only months and had no stable income I could count on. I am thankful for what I have now, but I still remember how it was back then.

Bankruptcy Options

Negotiation of debt

Our Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyers and bankruptcy lawyers in Miami can help you negotiate the repayment of your debt with your creditors. Many credit card companies, banks and other creditors understand that if a Florida or Pennsylvania bankruptcy lawyer is contacting them, your financial situation is dire and it's to the creditors' benefit to negotiate for repayment of some money than receive nothing if you're forced into bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy lawyers in Florida can counsel you regarding debt management methods such as home loan workouts, short sales and deeds in lieu, loan modifications, and forbearance processes.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Our Miami and Pittsburgh bankruptcy lawyers can also assist you with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is also known as a straight or liquidation bankruptcy because it permits you to eliminate most of your unsecured debt (credit card bills, personal loans, lines of credit, delinquent utility bills etc.) without having to pay anything toward those debts. Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases normally take five to six months from the date of filing to when the case is closed. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy case will not eliminate student loans, criminal restitution payments, most tax debts, or past due child support payments or alimony payments.

If you reaffirm (promise to repay) the debt, you may be able to keep your house or motor vehicle. The IRS rules permit a standard $489 deduction for the debtor's motor vehicle payment expense. In most situations, this standard deduction can be applied towards your motorcycle or automobile payment.

In order to qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you must fall within certain income limitations under a "means test". Since the new bankruptcy law, the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005, some higher income individuals will not qualify for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Further, all debtors will have to receive credit counseling before they can file a bankruptcy case - and additional counseling on budgeting and debt management before their debts can be eliminated.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also known as a "reorganization bankruptcy". A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is appropriate for those people who have enough disposable income to pay off a portion, generally at least twenty percent, of their debts over a period of time. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help you catch up on delinquent mortgage payments, car payments or taxes, stop sheriff or repossession sales and allow you to keep the assets in a repayment plan. This type of bankruptcy is good for people who want to keep more of their assets than permitted under a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and have a stable income to keep current on a repayment plan that generally lasts two to five years. After completing the payments under your plan, your debts are generally discharged.

Chapter 11 bankruptcy

A Chapter 11 case is the type of bankruptcy that can be filed by corporations and sole proprietors who wish to reorganize their debt and stay in business. Chapter 11 bankruptcies can also be utilized by individuals. Chapter 11 bankruptcies are done through the use of a "bankruptcy plan," which upon approval by the Court, becomes a binding plan whereby the treatment of the business' debts is defined by the Court and must be followed by the Debtor.

Miami & Pittsburgh Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you are filing for bankruptcy in Pittsburgh or Miami, you should retain a Pittsburgh bankruptcy attorney for assistance with your case. A bankruptcy petition is an extremely complicated legal document and if the petition is filed incorrectly it may lead to your case being dismissed, and even worse, you may expose yourself to criminal liability. There are many complex federal rules that need to be followed to make sure you file properly, rules that only a person with a legal background, such as a Miami bankruptcy lawyer, would know and understand.

Contact the Florida & Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Lawyer that Rides!

If you are going to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in Florida or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Pennsylvania contact me, the Biker Chick Lawyer at 1-844-BIKER-CHICK (1-844-245-3724) or e-mail me . Even if you still have not decided to file for bankruptcy, but are overwhelmed by your current financial situation and fear the possibility of having your most coveted possessions such as your motorcycle taken, you should also contact me and we can discuss your options.

If you are a biker and have a legal problem, contact me, Lisa Marie Vari, the Biker Chick Lawyer at 1-844-245-3724 for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION on your Pennsylvania or Florida legal problem. If your problem is in another state, you can still contact me and I'll put you in touch with a lawyer in your home state who can help you.

We can set up an appointment in our Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania office or our Miami, Florida office to discuss your bankruptcy options. If you live in the Western Pennsylvania or South Florida areas, we can also set up alternative meeting areas based on your current location.

Do not try to ride through the bankruptcy process alone - contact the Biker Chick Lawyer to ride by your side and provide the legal assistance you need!

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